Mother Moon

Standing sky-clad in the dark of the New Moon, Artemis rolled her shoulders back and willed herself to shine.

Night and darkness were her domain. The owls and shadow-cats were her faithful subjects. Night lent reverence to all things, and this was most deserving.

What is done by dark will always be revealed by light. Truth crows in the light and illuminates all.

Artemis opened her eyes and sang new life into existence.

Her belly grew and grew until it was Time. She dropped to her knees and birthed a fox and a hare into the wooded glen.

She cried tears of joy and wrapped them in her pale willowy arms. She glowed in the lack of moonlight.

Animals gathered all around the Huntress in the dark. These were her children. She kissed her palms and gave them each a blessing.

“Blessed be,” she sang as she shone in the night.