What if things go well?

I find myself asking myself what if things go wrong at least a few dozen times a day. On bad days, my imagination runs away with the idea- dreaming up all the impossible and improbable ways in which things could go wrong.

Theses thoughts steal the air from my lungs and leave me gasping. What if this happens? What if no one comes? What if people come, but they only do so to humiliate and hurt me?

I try to breathe deep and shake it off, but it doesn’t work very well. Often, I start freaking out about not breathing right and things get worse.

Today, I found a way to stop all that evil negativity in its ugly tracks. At first, I could only think it in a small voice at the back of my mind. Within minutes, I was asking it aloud. I asked myself, “What if things go well?”

What if I’m met with love and respect? What if this is a huge success? What if everything goes well?

Do you see how powerful this mindset shift is? It took me from the daunting choice of fight or flight on the verge of an anxiety attack back to being in control of my life.

It isn’t a perfect system, and it might not work for me or you all the time, but please, give it a try. Be kind to yourself. Be brave with yourself. Ask yourself, “What if things go well?”