Darkness blooms like a desert flower. She wriggles and worms her way around every last tree and rock and hill. Possessing them, loving them.

Revived by the drop in temperature, she awakes and comes out of her hidden den. She yawns and stretches as she tiptoes out into the darkness, opening her wings beside her.

No mortal hears the high keening sound as prey recognizes predator, but to our creature of the night, it’s a symphony.

The prey runs, faster, faster. He has to escape.

Our predator takes to the air and with a single flap of her wings more than halves the distance between them. When she’s close enough to taste her dinner, she drops out of the air, falling like a stone.

As she’s about to make impact with the unforgiving ground, she snatches her prey in razor-tipped talons and climbs back into the air.

The darkness folds around them like a blanket.