Tell Me Where It Hurts

Tell me where it hurts. Tell me every little pain that haunts you and makes you weak.

Loving you isn’t the rotten work you make it out to be. To drown in the ecstasy of your notice is all I long for. Let me die in your arms.

Tell me in no uncertain terms who did this to you. I will make them sorry they ever touched a hair on your precious head. I will make them hurt.

Tell me where it hurts. Tell me when and where and who injured you.

The act of loving you doesn’t end at your rough and broken edges. I want to hold you tight and squeeze all my love into you so that it glues your parts back together and you are whole again.

Tell me you love me, too, so I can die in peace. I want to rest eternally in the bosom of kindness and reconciliation.

Tell me I’m not the one who did this to you; I couldn’t bear it if I had. I would rather fall on poignard than hurt you. I would rather call to the old gods and the new and draw down their notice than be the reason your smile falters.

I want my love to be as gentle as a lamb, as fierce as a lion, and as all-encompassing as the sea. I want to gather you up into my arms and never let you go.

Tell me where it hurts.


Mothers like to tell their children that the good are beautiful and the wicked are not, but in reality, that is rarely the case.

Evil doesn’t hit you over the head with brute force to make you do ill. No, evil seduces you. Evil persuades you. Evil beguiles you and as it whispers sweet nothings into your ear in the black of the moon.

Good seldom has to look pretty simply because it’s right and just. You should be doing good anyway, so why sugarcoat it? Good often looks mundane.

That’s how I knew you’d changed. You used to be so ordinary and human. I loved you then.

But, now, you are beautiful as the dawn and just as terrifying.

Did it creep up on you slowly? Did it take its time twisting your features into something more? Did it take you in its warm embrace and never let you go?

Are you lost to me?

I loved you. With my whole heart, I loved you.

I know your beauty was meant to sooth me and put me at ease, but knowing what I know, all I feel is fear.

The calm, rational part of my brain wants to run, but I fear that’s not the part that’s in control anymore.

I am lost in the beautiful deepness of your eyes, brown and rich like freshly turned soil ready to take in life and nurture it into blossoming.

You are so beautiful, I cannot take my eyes away from you, nor do I think I want to. I love you.

So, yes, I’ll join you, if it means we can be together again.