I live in Ghostown. It used to have another name, but no one calls it that anymore. Or they might, but I’ve never heard them. It was a pretty name, too, but Ghostown fits it better these days.

I haven’t seen another car on the road in weeks. I know people are still out there, I’ve seen the trash pile up on the curb as evidence, but I haven’t seen anyone. I hope they’re still there.

The radio still pays music. All the stations are up and running it seems, and it gives me hope.

I know it could all be automated, like the trash collection and food deliveries, but it still makes me hopeful. I want to believe there is still some hope in Ghostown.

I’ve not left my house in days, or is it weeks now? No one goes outside, or at least I’ve never seen anyone outside. If someone is still out there, please give me a sign.

Please, let me know that you’re still there.

I don’t want to be alone.