Take Me to Your Leader

The whole world waited with bated breath as the saucer slowly lowered itself to the ground. They were real! Aliens were really real.

Chandra tried not to wince as the saucer landed with a thud, cauterizing the grass of the White House south lawn beneath it. The gardeners would be pissed. Who knew if it would ever even grow back?

The flying saucer looked like any fan of 1950s sci-fi would expect it to; it was shiny chrome and looked almost like two hubcaps connected by a belt of spinning, blinking lights. A tripod of spindly legs that didn’t look strong enough to hold up the craft threatened to buckle as the spinning belt slowed and then stopped.

She watched as the lights stopped blinking and a rectangle on the lower part of the craft disappeared and a ramp slowly extended. There was a blinding light coming from inside the craft.

A shadow stepped into the rectangle and began to walk forward, down the ramp. News reporters scrambled to tell their viewers everything they could glean from the sight.

The alien was bipedal and humanoid, but the back-lighting made it difficult to see much more than that. It wasn’t until the creature was halfway down the ramp that the world saw on their tiny screens that it was gray-skinned with a large inverted pear head.

Huge, black eyes peered out, taking in the assembled crowd. It twitched its mouth in what could only be described as a sneer.

“Greetings, and welcome to Earth!” Chandra called, not sure if she should step closer. “I am-“

The alien held up its hand and emitted a noise like nails on a chalkboard before it spoke in lightly accented English.

“I have just traveled a long and perilous journey- too perilous to talk to some spokesperson.”

Chandra looked over at the general standing next to her and shrugged.

“My people have long been aware of your tradition of a ‘spokesperson,’ but I only wish to speak to someone who actually matters. I have come to parle with you leader; take me to him.”

Chandra squared her shoulders and advanced on the alien. It was shorter up close, and its arrogance made it less intimidating. She smiled wickedly as she spoke.

“You’re speaking to her.”