Rats and Sinking Ships

In these uncertain times, I find myself taking a risk. I am leaving my current day job for a new one. There are many reasons, but chief among them is the perceived value of human life.

My soon-to-be former employer has seen fit to assign a price to human life. The price, you ask? Three dollars an hour over three months. Before taxes.

I thought this was an odd amount, so I did a little digging and a little math, and it just so happens that that “bonus” is the virtually the same as the cost to train a new person.

We aren’t really an essential business and everyone involved knows it. It is only by the grace of a loophole that we are still even open. That and corporate greed.

The higher ups are still pushing sales numbers and the people who don’t meet them are now on the chopping block. That was not the case before. Our numbers have always been a coaching and development move. On top of that, corporate is hiking prices.

We, as employees, asked them to consider us, to value us, and they did. They assigned us a dollar value. Three dollars an hour is the value of my and my family’s lives.

I know not everyone has a job right now, and while I am grateful to be to be working, I don’t appreciate them not allowing us the option of safety. We are required interact with people from out of town and a lot of people coming in are sick.

On top of all that, we’re being phased out anyway. They want to eliminate my position and at least half of the next rung up from me in the coming months.

This ship is sinking and I refuse to play music on the deck while I wait for the inevitable. I’m jumping ship with the rest of the rats.

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