The Starchild

Long ago, before light was light and dark was dark, back before there was right or wrong, virtue or wickedness, there was the Starchild.

The Starchild was formless and sexless, spinning out in the infinite void. The Starchild was without sorrow or joy and only knew contentment for there was no longing yet.

Time was without meaning and only the here and now existed. Each now passed into the next and the next without ceasing like a string of pearls falling of the edge of a table forever.

There was no concept of change or fear. The Starchild’s life was simply benign.

Then, as the Starchild’s eyes opened after an especially long blink, there was a small white light spinning a short distance away. The Starchild reached out to it as there had never been anything else, just the void.

It was beautiful and pure, spinning in the same manner as the Starchild so that it was always in view. But, no matter how the Starchild longed to reach out and touch it, it was always just out of reach.

Delight spread through the Starchild’s being as at last contact was made. The bright white light spun closer and closer, collapsing in on itself. The Starchild felt the first inkling of despair as the light shrank down to a single point in time and space.

The Starchild got out a single sound, “Hih” before being blown back by an explosion. The light changed and colors appeared as it spread and spread, leaving in its wake a swath of matter that had never been before.

The Starchild was delighted. All around were spinning orbs. Some were made out of light and they drew to them smaller orbs of stone and gas, embracing them in an eternal hugging twirl.

The Starchild sailed across the new universe to see all the newness that had erupted into being. There were so many things to see and all of them were different and lovely.

But, the Starchild stopped roaming when it found a smallish blue and green orb. It seemed to have something crawling on its surface.

The Starchild leaned in closer and closer, trying to get a better look at the strange creatures, but the Starchild got too close and the blue and green orb pulled the Starchild to its surface.

It was a long fall and when the Starchild finally made impact, it shattered into a million tiny pieces. After a moment the pieces scrambled to their feet and they too began to roam the surface of the blue and green orb.

One thought on “The Starchild

  1. Carl Sagan was right. We are all “Star Stuff”. How wondrous. How inspiring. How humbling.
    What a beautiful story.


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