Creation Myth

In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothingness wrapped itself around more nothing until it was thick and rich and dark.

Nothing begets nothing and soon all that nothing coalesced into light, and in the light shapes could be seen.

The first shape to slither out of the void and into the light was the alligator, followed closely by the other reptiles.

Teeth and claws for protection an an attitude that brokered no deals- the alligator was the first, but it never forgot that it was of the deep dark void.

Next, came the birds with wings to carry them away from danger and talons to bring pain. The birds never forgot about the nothing from whence they came.

Last, after many others had come and gone from the nothing of the void, came Man. Man was smart; he could rationalize and lie. Man tried to say that he didn’t come from the void. Man said he was special and only someone as special as Man could beget Man.

This was fine. Man would have to live with his lies until he began to rule over and subjugate the others that came before him.

Man in his foolish attempt at superiority even enslaved and slaughtered his fellow Man. Wars raged and many died.

The animals, particularly the reptiles and birds, saw this and devised a plan to stop Man.

If Man is gone, then he cannot harm us!

The animals led Man to the edge of the void, promising to lead him to his fabled creator. At this point, Man had even convinced himself of the existance of the creator. He believed.

As Man was shouting out into the void, the animals pushed him in, and peace was had at last. Order was restored.

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