Stop Hitting Yourself

Stop hitting yourself.

Be patient with yourself. You wouldn’t get this upset with someone else just starting out, why do you do this to yourself?

Stop hitting yourself.

Be kind to yourself. You would never say the things you say to yourself to or about someone else. Why is it okay to belittle yourself?

Stop hitting yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. You wouldn’t be this rough with someone else’s feelings; don’t do it to yourself either.

Stop hitting yourself.

Love yourself. You are the only one of you and there will never be another one again. You are stardust, treat yourself like it.Stop hitting yourself.

One thought on “Stop Hitting Yourself

  1. We can be our own best enemies, can’t we? But that means we can also be our own best friends. I like the 2nd better, but spend way too much time on the 1st.


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