“Aw, you think I’m pretty.”

“I said petty.”

The correction stops Lucy and causes her face to harden like her stony heart. She rounded on her detractor and glowered.

“And you’re just bitter,” Lucy spits.

The other woman barks a hollow laugh, unfazed by Lucy’s change in demeanor.

“You’re just mad that I won.” Lucy tossed her hair. “It’s all over but the crying, and even that’s pointless now, and you’re just bitter.”

“No,” the other woman said shaking her head. “When you count it all up, when you look at the final score in your ledger, you’ll see what this ‘victory’ really cost you.”

Lucy sucked in a sharp breath and raised her fist in a striking blow. There had been losses, a lot of them, and some things would never be okay again, but that didn’t take away from her victory, did it?

Lucy unclenched her fist and used the hand to smooth back the hair that had fallen into her face. “There’s only one of you and one of me left, and you’re unarmed. I win.”

“And, what will you do with your victory? With whom will you celebrate? Is there anyone left?”

Lucy screamed and tore the gun from her holster.

She fired.

And with that, her conscience was finally silent.

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