Be Like the Gibbon

The black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor) is a small primate that is found in China, Laos, and northern Vietnam. This playful, yet cautious animal is said to swing from trees and vines- making sure it has a firm hold on the next branch before letting go of the last.

This look-before-you-leap principle is a favorite trait of my mother’s. Any time she started looking for a new job, she’d say it was gibbon time.

When I was younger, I would frequently leap into situations before even considering examining the ramifications. I was like a willow, swaying where ever the wind took me.

Now that I’m an adult, I see the wisdom in these words.

I’m going through my own job search and grasping at one branch while looking for the next one. I would love to call myself a full-time writer and live the bohemian life- many people have and do and I hope to join them one day.

But, today is not that day.

I have bills to pay and two cats to feed and generalized anxiety disorder. I need some semblance of stability in my life, and, for now, that means the dreaded day job. For now, I have to be like the gibbon, grasping firmly to the next branch before I let go and swing on.

1 thought on “Be Like the Gibbon”

  1. I’m taking a wild swing myself. Cannot sign another year’s contract. I may crash to the jungle floor and be eaten by a jaguar, but it’s better than waiting to be hit by a bus (and hoping it happens every morning). Wheeeeeeeeeee! Here I go!


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