There and Gone

I could have sworn he was right beside me; for years he always had been. Now he's gone. I don't rightly know what it was that drove us apart. Was it my hair or my taste in music? Was I too clingy or maybe not affectionate enough? Something changed. I went from being the apple… Continue reading There and Gone

Mother Moon

Standing sky-clad in the dark of the New Moon, Artemis rolled her shoulders back and willed herself to shine. Night and darkness were her domain. The owls and shadow-cats were her faithful subjects. Night lent reverence to all things, and this was most deserving. What is done by dark will always be revealed by light.… Continue reading Mother Moon

Woori’s Magic

Woodrow "Woori" Wilson chewed on her bottom lip and thought about how much she hated her name. Firstly, it was a boy's name. She was not a boy. Her parents may disagree, but she was definitely a girl. There was a trio of other girls laughing behind her. It reminded Woori of monkeys in a… Continue reading Woori’s Magic