There and Gone

I could have sworn he was right beside me; for years he always had been. Now he's gone. I don't rightly know what it was that drove us apart. Was it my hair or my taste in music? Was I too clingy or maybe not affectionate enough? Something changed. I went from being the apple… Continue reading There and Gone

Mother Moon

Standing sky-clad in the dark of the New Moon, Artemis rolled her shoulders back and willed herself to shine. Night and darkness were her domain. The owls and shadow-cats were her faithful subjects. Night lent reverence to all things, and this was most deserving. What is done by dark will always be revealed by light.… Continue reading Mother Moon

The Princess and the Dragon

The princess watched helplessly as the white knight approached the fire-breathing dragon. The knight was fearless and brave as he hefted his lance and drew his sword. Amabeth didn’t like it. She knew he would get hurt, but, from high up in her tower, there was nothing she could do to stop it. All she… Continue reading The Princess and the Dragon

The Winner

Chelsea sat on her little stool by the front window and waited less than patiently. It was quarter past three and the post should have been her by now. She tapped her watch, checking that the mechanism was still working. It was. She sighed and was about to go and make a cup of tea… Continue reading The Winner